Selling your Home in 2013 - What to Do Now

Selling your Home in 2013 - What to Do Now

If you are going to sell your home in  2013, begin early and you’ll be better prepared to make sure your home is in the best possible condition.

Traditionally, many sellers list their home for sale in the spring, but you can get a jump on the competition by listing your home for sale sooner.

With interest rates historically low, buyers are shopping for a home now.

Here are a few tips for getting your home ready to sell:

1. Curb Appeal - Consider the first impression that your home makes as a buyer walks up to the front door. Spruce up the exterior entryway by removing any debris, sweeping the walkway and porch off and wiping down the front door and porch railings. Make sure that your garbage cans and recycling bins are stored in the garage or around the corner from the front of the house. A fresh new wreath and doormat adds to a good first impression without spending a lot of money.

2. De-clutter - Now is the time to sort through each room and finally donate all those items you have that are still good but not useful to you anymore. Pick one room at a time and get started today.

3. Make Small Repairs - Do you have a faucet that's been dripping or a cabinet door that's off it's hinge? Paint that needs to be touched up or light bulbs that need to be replaced?

4. Keep It Clean - Start with a deep cleaning of your home and then keep it clean with daily maintenance. Clean your appliances and keep kitchen counters clear. Make sure the bathrooms sparkle. Keep the beds made, the carpets vacuumed and all surfaces dusted.

Take the first step toward preparing your home to sell in 2013 and call me today at 224-627-7581 for an in home consultation. 

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