Making the Most Out of Small Bathrooms

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Making the Most Out of Small Bathrooms

It doesn't take a full remodel or removing walls to open up space in an otherwise small bathroom. Below are some cost-effective methods for making tiny bathrooms feel less closed in.

Pedestal Sinks
Pedestal sinks are not only stylish - they also eliminate the boxy, space-eating traditional vanities that can close off small bathrooms. Switching from a traditional vanity to a pedestal sink will reduce some storage space in the room, so you may want to install small shelving above the sink or additional towel racks/hooks in the room.

Minimalist Storage
When space is at a premium, you may not have room for large storage unit or vanity. Keep only what you absolutely need in the bathroom, ideally in a slim vertical storage unit or on built-in shelving. Store non-essentials like extra towels, bathroom cleaning products and other supplies in the nearest closet.

Light Colors
Larger bathrooms allow you some design freedom to play around with darker colored wall and trim paint, accessories, and major fixtures. In small bathrooms, those dramatic touches can actually make things seem more cramped. Stick with classic white tubs, sinks and toilets and brighter splashes of color on shower curtains, rugs and towels to lighten up the space you have.

Simplify Fixtures
Ornate fixtures can be appealing, but many are bulkier than their simpler counterparts. When space is at a premium, you may opt for sleeker, slimmer fixtures throughout the room.

Pocket Doors
The door swing of traditional hinged doors can make small rooms feel even more cramped. Sliding pocket doors can open up additional space without drastically changing the room itself.

Small spaces without proper lighting will have a drastically more claustrophobic atmosphere. Try combining wall fixtures with overhead lights to improve the aesthetic while providing illumination for applying makeup or shaving. For bathrooms on exterior walls, consider adding a window to let in natural light.

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